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Dr. Jerry Tan MD FRCPC

About Windsor Clinical Research

Established more than 25 years ago by Jerry Tan MD FRCPC (dermatology), Windsor Clinical Research has partnered with multiple industry and nonprofit organizations to improve the lives of people with skin disease.

Windsor Clinical Research is a dermatology focussed center with 3 areas of expertise:

Clinical trials in dermatology with a focus on aesthetic products and procedures

  • We have conducted research trials for Allergan , Galderma , and Cutera in aesthetic fillers, neuromodulators, and devices, including lasers.

Skin care product development and evaluation

  • Dr Tan has assisted in design and research for products from companies including Vichy, La Roche Posay, and Boots-Walgreens.

Development of patient-centered measures and tools

  • Dermatological scales for acne (comprehensive acne severity scale; CASS)
  • Quality of life instruments for acne (CompAQ) and hidradenitis suppurativa (HiSQoL)
  • Patient decision aids for acne, psoriasis, hidradenitis suppurativa and rosacea; available at

Contact us for further information on participating in research studies or
consulting with Dr Tan on study design, measurement scales in acne or rosacea.

Independent research focused on clinical trials in dermatology. 

We are dedicated to providing our sponsors with timely recruitment and completion of trials in state of the art professional facilities with qualified, caring staff. 


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Recent Articles and News

Discussing Acne Scarring with Medscape

Discussing Acne Scarring with Medscape

Acne scarring is a common and bothersome aspect of acne, which some patients may not even realize is developing. Research by Dr. Tan and colleagues have shown that acne scarring can affect those with even mild forms of acne. In a video interview for Medscape in New...

Have Psoriasis? We Made a Website For You!

Have Psoriasis? We Made a Website For You!

Do you have psoriasis? Dr. Tan's research team InforMed has created a website called a patient decision aid that's all about psoriasis! This website shows you options available for treating psoriasis, helps you think about which option best suits you, and can prepare...

Not Sure What To Do About Your Acne? We Made A Website For You!

Not Sure What To Do About Your Acne? We Made A Website For You!

Do you have acne and aren't sure what to do about it? Dr. Tan's research team InforMed has created a website just for you! Our interactive website, called a patient decision aid, shows you options available to treat your acne and helps you think about which option...

La Peau Que J’habite

La Peau Que J’habite

Dr. Tan has been mentioned in a Quebec-based article on skin conditions. Check it out! La peau est le plus grand organe du corps humain. Armure mal aimée, elle est parfois lourde à porter. Des chercheurs viennent toutefois à notre rescousse. La Peau Que J'habite par...


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